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My Story

An animal health professional, yoga teacher and a receiver.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I grew up in a fast-paced society and struggled to cope with pressure and developed an addictive personality. Things got a bit better when I moved to Perth, Western Australia when I was 16, but with school and feeling lonely in a city remote from home, my mental health did not get any better.

I embarked on my journey of searching for a change when I started my first corporate job after moving back to Hong Kong, then I found yoga. It first started out as a "workout" regime where I struggled to do chaturanga and felt bored in class, but the more I practised, the more I realised that yoga has so much more to offer. It was my escape from the daily hustle to tranquillity. Coming out from every class with a fresh mind and body, I learned to love every minute of the practice. 

My love for yoga kept growing so naturally, I yearned for more and signed up for my first teacher training. Since then, I have been teaching yoga to kids and adults. I incorporate yoga philosophy in every class as I believe yoga has so much more to offer than just asanas.



2020 - Awakening: 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training with Amarjit Kumar (PURE Yoga)

2021 - Winter Mentorship with KITA yoga (6 weeks)

2021 - 18-hour Functional Yoga Teacher Training (SUKHA Yoga & Wellness)

2021 - Singing Bowl and Tuning Fork Relaxation Intensive Module 1 & 2 (The Yoga Room)

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